Creative Ways to Upgrade the Look of Your Boat or Yacht

Just like with your house, you can always enhance the look of your boat by being creative without spending a fortune. All you need are the right materials and some knowledge to be able to start your project.


Want to make your prized possession an attention- grabber on the water? The art of pin striping can do the trick. The good news is that everything from custom hand drawn stripping to roll out vinyl pinstripes is available for boats. Whether you choose to affix vinyl patterns to the hull or have an artist paint them on freehand, the result will be amazing.

Boat Graphics

Another way to bring out the beauty of your boat is through boat graphics. All you need is a fresh wax coat and a new set of boat decals. As per your preferences, you can have the boat’s name, registration numbers and berth embossed on the hull while personalizing the lettering, style and adding graphics.  A set of boat decals such as chains, barbed wires, lightning or flames might also be the perfect addition. By choosing graphic kits that make a statement, you can cover most of the hull in a distinct, cohesive design from bow to stern. You can also decorate using deck graphics.

There are a number of ways to spruce up the look of your boat. By choosing the right designs and materials, you will be able to customize it in such a way that reflects your personality. However, apart from its design, you must invest in regular boat repair and maintenance as this will save you from a hundred days of trouble on the water.

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How to Restore Your Yacht to Brand New?

If your boat or yacht is already 5 to 10 years old and still runs perfectly fine, then congratulations. This is just an indication that you are observing proper and regular care and maintenance. However, if it already looks dull, then you need a boat or yacht restoration service.

To help you get started, here are some tips you can follow before booking your prized possession at a yacht restoration company.

  1. Start by cleaning the boat from stem to stern so you will know what you need to work with.
  2. Eliminate all the leaves, debris and water from the boat. Bear in mind that organic material is your enemy.
  3. Figure out what is broken. However, if it’s the fiberglass components, steering system and seat bases, you need to entrust the job to a professional boat refurbishing company.
  4. Ensure to remove the old fuel from the fuel tank and the old oil from the gear case and engine.
  5. Replace the old hoses and belts on the engine with new ones.
  6. Inspect the through-hull fittings to ensure that they are properly sealed. It is also important to check the seacocks and replace them if they are broken.
  7. If your boat is quite old, there is a high possibility that it has lots of rotting wood. Thus, you need to check the seat bases, deck floor and the transom. Replace old wood in the boat with a modern cored composite or marine-grade plywood.

When your boat or yacht looks great, you will be able to enjoy every cruising experience even more. To restore the brand new look of your prized possession, you should start searching for a boat repair and maintenance provider today.

Three Easy Steps to Yacht Engine Maintenance

Every cruising adventure will be fun and glitch-free if the engine and other boat components work perfectly well. Therefore, you need to know some basic yacht maintenance tricks to keep your boat running great every time you set sail.

Here are some of them.

  1. Use Antifreeze

This is designed to protect the engine coolant from freezing. In some parts of the world where temperature drops below 0°C, at least 50 percent of glycol concentration (antifreeze) is required to prevent cracked blocks. In addition, antifreeze increases the boiling point of water. As such, experts recommend a minimum of 30 percent glycol concentration in warm climates to protect against engine overheating.

  1. Check and Clean the Battery

Batteries on modern boats are designed to do more, including starting engines and powering radar, pumps, radios, and other electronics. No matter the battery type in your boat, you need to take note of the following basic steps to ensure that it works properly.

  1. Ensure that the battery is securely mounted.
  • Clean its surfaces.
  • On a weekly basis, run a quick check on battery cable connections.
  • Inspect all cables.
  • Check all starter connections.
  • Inspect charging circuit connections.
  • Inspect electrolyte levels and state of charge.
  • Monitor discharging levels.
  1. Use the Right Engine Fluids

Of course, the best way to care for the cooling system is to use the right fluids. Either deionized or distilled water must be used with approved antifreeze and approved supplemental rust inhibitor or coolant additive.

Experience a comfortable cruise by investing in marine maintenance services. A DIY project is a wise idea, but by entrusting your marine maintenance needs to a yacht service company, your boat is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Boating Fun Ideas

There are more places to explore and activities to enjoy your boat. Any of these activities will absolutely keep you excited about your next sailing!

Watersports — It’s amusing to be in the boat. The latest craze that you can try is wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and skiing.

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Coving — There is usually an unofficial “party cove” in your area where you can gather spot and socialize and share the pleasure of boating. Find out to your local area and join in on the fun.

Fishing — Fishing is usually possible from any boat, and this kind of activity is a great way to bond with kids or just simply a family bonding (for all ages).

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Why You Need to Trust Yacht Service Professionals?

No matter how meticulous you are when it comes to caring for your new yacht, it will soon require a repair and maintenance service. Given that it bears the brunt of the elements daily, you need to ensure that it gets the proper treatment it deserves inside, out and underneath.

The good news is that you can always count on boat repair and maintenance professionals. Here are some of the benefits of hiring them:

  • Excellent service – No one does yacht maintenance in Dubai better than professionals as they have the skill, know-how, experience and proper equipment. They are adept at the ways on how to deal with visible damages due to collision, corrosion, and other issues that prevent the boat from functioning well.
  • High quality raw materials – If your fiberglass boat has a worn off or cracked area on the body, a reliable service team will ensure that the entire fiberglass sheet is eliminated and a new sheet is properly put in place. What’s great is the fiberglass they replace has the best quality, thus ensuring it can stand the test of time due to its tensile strength.
  • State-of-the-art Technology – Apart from the best raw materials, boat repair companies also utilize the best equipment and technology to spot and search for holes in the boat.
  • Preserved value and restored look – When booking for a yacht repair in Dubai, the service team will check for scratches, cracks and dents that might be caused by a number of factors such as accidents on water, environment, etc.
  • Accessory Maintenance – Boats come with different accessories like a trailer that enables it to move from the land to the water; hence they also need maintenance due to direct contact with salt water and other kinds of disturbances that may result in improper functioning of the accessories and trailer.

These are just some of the reasons why entrusting your yacht maintenance needs to professionals is the best choice when a problem arises. By conducting research and asking for referrals from your friends and colleagues, you will be able to find the one that offers a complete portfolio of high quality services for competitive rates.

SemSem International is one of the most reputable yacht maintenance providers in Dubai . Aiming to take your cruising adventures to the next level, they offer an array of services that have satisfied hundreds of customers in the region.

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Tricks and Tips to Fix A Boat

If you find yourself in a position where you have to fix a boat you have built, it’s likely it’s going to be one of the same few common problems that you will come across time and time. These are carrying out repairs to fix cracks or holes in the deck or replacing wood in the deck or the hull due to larger damage being caused by water damage or rot.

Now of course, prevention is the best cure, so my first piece of advice on these matters is to try and avoid it where necessary, by properly treating you wood and regularly inspecting your boat. If you have to fix your boat, I’m sure you’d rather only have to repair a small hole, before it has developed into something worse. A little effort and care paid over the life of your boat, will pay off in the end and save you lots in terms of both time and effort in the long run, should something go seriously wrong.

If you do end up having to fix a boat, then usually epoxy will do fine for filling in small cracks and holes. If not, you will have to cut the damaged area out and then replace it with new wood. Again, if you have to do this, then be sure to properly treat and seal the wood, otherwise this point of fixing will soon become and problem area again and could leave you in an even worse position.

Often this damage will only occur on the deck, as this is the area which takes the most abuse, from people climbing in and out, anchors being dropped on it, finishing buckets and chains scraping across it etc. Sometimes, the damage will happen to the hull though, either simply through time and age, or from running into an object like a rock.

When treating holes or damage to the hull, you will want to remove all of the damaged wood, making sure that only good wood is left. If this is not done, the problems could soon get worse again, leaving any repairs being useless. A clean surface also gives a better area to adhere new wood and epoxy to. Then, as with the deck, when the new wood is in place, you will want to reseal and refinish it, whether that is repainting it, or applying a new coat of varnish or fiberglass.

As a final note to mention on successfully fixing your boat, if the damage has meant that damp has got into the wood, you will need to make sure that you properly dry the wood out before making any repairs, otherwise you will soon find yourself with a case of rot that will further destroy your wooden boat and mean that all your hard work and effort is wasted.

For more information on how to fix a boat, or for similar boat building topics, also please feel free to visit my website, you’re always welcome aboard. Just click on the links below. If you enjoyed this article or found it useful, please take a moment to leave a comment and let me know. I would love to know your thoughts, so just drop me a line.

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Guide For Excellent Teak Deck Maintenance

The key to bringing out the best in your yacht is through regular care and maintenance. This is true, especially when it comes to the teak deck. Given its organic nature, it will need more attention than metals.

To maintain the luster and shine of your deck, here are pointers you can consider:

Wax Application

Before waxing the teak deck, ensure that it’s clean and dry so that the protective coating will be deeply immersed in the wood. You can use a stainless steel scrubber that is designed particularly for handling teak and other hard woods. Boats kept in a sunny environment need to be washed with salt water on a regular basis as this will prevent natural oil from getting stripped out of the timber.

Don’t Use a General Cleaner

Contrary to the belief of most people, a general cleaner is not meant for teak as it does more harm than good. One of the highly recommended boat refurbishing products of professionals is the Teak Brite Powder Cleaner.

Unlike two-part cleaners, Brite Powder won’t eliminate the soft grain from the teak as it maintains the teak’s structure and appearance even with thorough cleaning. This will also prepare the teak for an oil sealer, hence making the restoration process simpler and more efficient.

Go for a High Quality Teak Oil

Oiling the deck is a common pastime among boating aficionados as it effectively brings out the best in the teakwood. This is why investing in a high-quality teak oil is critical.

Before oiling the deck, clean and dry it first for at least 24 hours. For complete coverage, apply the oil gently with a paint brush. To ensure that the oil will complete be immersed on the wood, apply multiple thin coats.

Use the Power of Sealer

Sealer application is another effective technique to achieve a natural look. A teak sealer is pretty much like oil, but it comes with a higher percentage of solids which offer protection against UV light. This indicates that sealers build up faster on the wood and last longer than oils. They do not feed the wood, but seal our dirt and moisture while sealing in resins and natural oils.

Opting for a DIY boat and repair maintenance is a good idea as you will be able to save a huge amount of money. However, take note that if you want professional results, you need the expertise of professionals. So, search for a reputable yacht maintenance company today!

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Tips And Tricks For a Yacht That Stands The Test of Time

A yacht is a great asset, but it can also be a liability if it doesn’t get the proper and regular yacht maintenance in Dubai it deserves. This is why you need to keep an eye on your prized possession and ensure that it is in perfect shape before and after you go on a cruise.

The following are some of the tricks to help your boat retain its value and stand the test of time:

Change Oil and Filter Regularly

This is by far the most crucial aspect of yacht maintenance. According to professional Dubai yacht maintenance providers, oil must be changed every 50 hours every four months, whichever comes first. Also, it is advisable to give your oil a quick check. It just takes less than a minute and can save you a lifetime of problems and regret.

Keep an Eye on the Transmission Fluid

Checking the transmission fluid is equally as essential as checking the oil. The recommended interval for changing it is around 250 hours or once a season.

Keep the Filter Clean

Don’t neglect the inline water filter. By cleaning this part, you will get ample water flow to keep the engine running well.

Check the Impeller

The impellers are also included in the list of things that you need to check regularly. Most boat technicians claim that this must be done every 250 hours or just once in a season. Keep in mind that if the impellers are in bad condition, it will take a huge toll on your pumps or engine from lack of water flow. Also, it is important to keep the blades intact.

Regular Washdown

The primary element that keeps a boat or yacht looking presentable and elegant is cleanliness. After every cruise, see to it that you book your prized possession for a thorough washdown and detailing. The good news is that there are a number of marine maintenance service providers in the region that you can choose from. By doing a background check on the track record of each company, you will be able to find the one that meets your needs and will give you satisfaction.

By following the tips and tricks mentioned here, you can always have peace of mind that your boat or yacht will perform well in the waters no matter the season.

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Essential Tips To Repairing Your Boat Cover!

Boat covers can well be damaged or ruined in severe weather, or by accident with equipment and handling procedures. This doesn’t mean that you should purchase a new cover. You can repair the boat cover yourself to help reduce expenditure on your part. Here are some tips to be followed. After all a cover is not something that is on display all the time. As long as it can sufficiently be repaired so as to keep the elements off your boat, there is not reason to replace it rather than to repair it. And then, you can’t really sell a boat cover very often, so it would probably rot in the attic if you put it to retire.

Patch up the damaged boat cover

Your best option to repair a boat cover would be to use a material that can put a patch on the material. Such a product would allow you to simply patch up the damaged part using a similar material as the boat body itself, stick it on, and allow it to dry and your job is done. Though it seems patched, correct technique will allow the boat cover to function normally. However, people do not repair it with care and cause further problems with a half-done job. For example, trying to cover a damaged area that’s wet and dirty may not allow the adhesive to do its job properly. Give it the same care and attention as you would to a punctured cycle tire. Remember, fixing a patch on your boat cover is not about making it look pretty. It most definitely is however about keeping the water out where its not supposed to get.

Prevention of problems in the future with your cover is very important. For example, while you cover your boat fit the cover securely but make sure you do not stretch it too much until it fits. It shouldn’t be forced in. Too much pull and tug can cause weakened spots in the cover. If you do make it fit in such a manner, at best it will shrink over time to create an ugly depression in the cover, and will definitely remain a weak link on the cover. When it is not being used, put away the cover properly so that it can be reused later without damage.

When patching up a boat cover, spend necessary time on improvements and repair small problems before they increase and cost you lots later. There are many cost-effective solutions available for good repair. Finding a qualified service provider is also essential. It is advisable to consider the above tips. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine, and one small patch on your cover at the right time will avoid having to buy a whole new cover in a few months.

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Top Things to Know in Boat Maintenance

It is a desire of most people to have their own boat, but only a few are aware that from the moment they buy it that they have to see to its maintenance. A boat owner should be aware of proper maintenance tips in order to keep it in good working order and looking attractive. Proper boat maintenance will result in giving your boat a long life and preventing unnecessary repairs.

One of the easiest things you can do on your own is to wash the vessel after every trip with soap and water. There are many parts of the boat including the wood, fabric, metal areas, glass surfaces and plastic elements which need cleaning. Consider using high quality, safe products when washing the boat.

Purple Marine offers a range of cleaning equipment which is ideal for this purpose. Items range from rubber buckets to cleaning brushes, bailers, scrubbing brushes, cleaning pads, wash mitts and special cloth which eliminate any dirt or dust particles. Do not use any bleaching agents since it can damage the boat’s surface. It is important to dry every nook and corner to avoid any mineral deposits which may lead to corrosion. Make sure to frequently check up the fuel tank, fuel line and all the claps for signs of rust or corrosion.

It is advisable that you use environmentally friendly waxes, bilge cleaners and other high quality liquid rubbing compounds. Along with washing, one should do the waxing with heavy duty waxes and polish. Waxing the boat often will keep its surface safe and away from UV damage. For the ultimate in luxurious, deep gloss finish, one can go for Purple Marine’s Luxury Carnauba Polish which is one of the world’s heaviest waxes. Afterward you may consider buying a cover for the boat which will protect it from sun, rain or other harmful weather conditions.

The engine is another major component that should be maintained well. Replace spark plugs, change oil filters and grease the engine after every 75 hours of use. Oil should also be clean and kept up to the correct level. At the same time do a routine check up on the engine’s cooling system to avoid any malfunctioning. This is a good practice that will ensure the safety of all passengers on board and will keep the boat in good working order.

Maintaining a boat is not that easy. There are so many things to check and attend to. This can be easily done by following the checklist of a professional; or get in touch with the UK’s leading chandlery experts Purple Marine who are specialists in boat maintenance and suppliers for all marine equipment. One can rely on them for high quality GRP boat repairs to any minor or major damage and your boat is assured of being attended to by their skilled boat inspectors who will give the best service for your money.

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