Maintaining Your Used Boat

You have been thinking for a very long time about finding a good used trawler or used motor yacht to travel the Intracoastal Waterway and maybe the Islands. This has been your lifelong dream. But you are brand new to large yachts and believe you will need to have a better perception of what is involved in order to maintain your boat prior to proceeding.

Relax, we have all had to begin at this same point. Additionally, in the years prior to the internet it was a by guess and by golly affair. Seldom was there anybody available to ask. So to assist individuals still evaluating the move, this article is meant to help to make the process a little bit less difficult. In this piece I will address the question, “What does the maintenance of a used trawler or motor yacht include?” As I own and live aboard a 40 foot twin engine used trawler, I am going to give you the particulars based upon my experience.

To begin, bear in mind that constant maintenance on a trawler will definitely be greater the less you use it. Boat systems should be exercised. The following list, needless to say, does not contain machinery that breaks down suddenly. I am going to supply you with a value for both do it yourself (DIY) and yard (Yard) anticipated expenses. The first number listed is the DIY cost; the second obviously is the yard cost.

Boat Engines:

Engine marine oil/filter changes every one hundred hours or according to manufacturer specifications: $300.00 versus $500.00.

Replace transmission lubricant every 500 hours or based on manufacturer: $30.00 versus $130.00.

Boat engine zinc change annually or as necessary: $150.00 versus $300.00.

Engine raw water system cleaning/purging every 3 years or as required: $50.00 versus $500.00.

Brand new salt water impellers every 2 years or when needed: $50.00 versus $300.00.

Brand new engine fuel filters yearly or as required: $60.00 versus $100.00.

New engine belts as needed: $60.00 versus $120.00.

Service and clean marine engine salt water strainers as required: $30.00 versus $150.00.

Check clamps and hoses when needed: $0 versus $45.00.

Re-apply boat engine paint as needed: $10.00 versus $50.00.

Put in fuel biocide while filling up with diesel: $10.00 versus $20.00.

Clean diesel fuel as needed: $600.00 versus $700.00.


Look at sump/bilge pumps each month or when needed: $0 and $50.00.

Change bilge pump automatic switches as necessary: $30.00 and $120.00.

Exercise electronics every month: $0 and $30.00.

Inspect battery bank month to month or mount sealed units: $0 and $30.00.

Replace batteries around every 6 years – AGM $1200.00 and $1500.00.


Clean/service ElectroScan black water mechanism electrodes each month: $10.00 or $60.00.

Clean/service salt water flush units with muriatic acid month to month: $10.00 or $60.00.

Under Water:

Clean running gear and bottom monthly: $80.00 vs. $120.00.

Check zincs each month, replace as required: $150.00 vs. $300.00.

Put on brand new bottom paint with boat hauled out once every two years: $1500.00 vs. $1800.00.

Check out bottom for blisters out of the water once every 24 months: $0 vs. $30.00.

Look at rudder posts biannually: $0 vs. $30.00.

Check running gear out of the water once every two years: $0 vs. $30.00.

Examine stuffing boxes monthly or put in dripless packing: $0 vs. $75.00.

Exercise through hull sea cocks yearly: $0 vs. $75.00.

Boat yard hauling out and blocking: $0 vs. $440.00.


Put on new varnish to teak yearly: $35.00 and $500.00.

Get rid of and reapply varnish to exterior teak every five years: $35.00 and $2000.00.

Fix fiberglass exterior surface as necessary: $20.00 and $120.00.

Put on brand new boat deck paint as needed: $35.00 and $250.00.

Clean stainless every six months: $15.00 and $175.00.

Clean and polish isinglass every two weeks: $0 and $40.00.

Purchase new canvas every 6 years or so: $0 and $3500.00.

Clean and buff when needed: $10.00 and $300.00.

Examine and replace dock lines and fenders each month: $0 and $250.00.

Heating/Air Conditioning:

Clean strainers month to month: $0 and $50.00.

Wash/replace intake hoses biannually or as necessary: $0 and $50.00.

Add freon to the system as necessary: $0 and $100.00.

So that’s about it. It seems like a good deal but it actually isn’t. I check the majority of the items routinely as I’m going around our boat daily.

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