Gelcoat Restoration Kit

A gelcoat restoration kit offers a cost-effective approach to repaired minor gouges, nicks, and scratches in a fiberglass deck or hull. A gelcoat kits can consist of coloring agents, a polyester gelcoat paste, blending charts, hardener, release film, and detailed instructions on undertaking all minor repairs.

A chip, hairline crack, or small scratch in the fiberglass can often be tackled as a do-it-yourself project with assistance from a scratch repair kit. Patching a minor chip is often a case of filling it with a paste, leave to harden, and than to clean off all excess filler with a spreader tool or cloth.

If a deeper gouge, chip, or scratch is detected in a fiberglass hull, a thicker gelcoat putty or paste can be spread on all imperfections for very hand and smooth covering, for extra durability, these pastes are UV-resistant.

In case of a larger repair project, to strengthen, repair, or rebuild a hull above or below waterline, a polyester resin mix, with spreading stick, tray, fiberglass cloth, and full instructions often helps. A paste can cure to a glass hard finish inside of 60 minutes.

Accessories to restore a fiberglass gelcoat often feature polish for restoring a brilliant gloss finish, a oxidation remover for general stains, grime, and contaminants, a pure wax for a tough and protective coating for all surfaces, and a metal polish to remove surface degradation and stains all resulting in a clear, bright finish.

A premium restoration kit offers a cost-effective solution for minor repairs and maintenance projects on fiberglass built vessel. An efficient option for maintaining a boat deck or hull in first-class condition and free of noticeable marks and knocks.

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