Learn the Basic Steps in Repairing Fiberglass Boat Floors

Among boat owners, seeing a hole at the bottom of a boat is quite a common and somewhat pestering experience. To help them with such kind of problems, various manufacturers release certain products that can help people solve this basic inconvenience. In order to avoid the discomfort and displeasure associated with these problems, they must learn the simple basic steps in repairing fiberglass boat floors.

Before starting with the project, boat owners must gather first all the necessary tools and materials in repairing fiberglass boat floors. In terms of tools, coping saw, scissors, and orbit sander all have specific purposes in the repairing process. Cleaning supplies, tape measure, and scraper complete the list of tools necessary to repair fiberglass boat floors.

In the meantime, certain materials are also necessary to restore the good condition of fiberglass boat floors. To facilitate the project, boat owners must procure sandpaper, a Bondo putty, and a fiberglass mat. Additionally, they need to have other materials like cleaning agents, supports, and fiberglass gel coating.

After completing all the materials and tools, it is now time to move on with the actual repairing process. Follow these simple instructions and see how easy it is to repair fiberglass boat floors.

1. Before repairing the boat floors, remove all the unnecessary objects inside the boat to gain direct access to the holes. After doing so, locate the holes that need repair and prepare for the next step.

2. For better results, cut the damaged portion of the floor, removing the unwanted faulty portions of the boat.

3. Before applying the epoxy, the target site needs to be clean and dry, allowing the adhesive to work properly. At the same time, remove any trace of dirt or dust from the area as well. Avoid using very strong cleaning compounds especially those that may negatively affect the efficiency of adhesives.

4. When the damaged portion of a fiberglass boat floor is curved in nature, supports can be of big help in fixing such problem.

5. Rough up the portion where the adhesive is to be placed, allowing it to cling properly to the fiberglass boat floors. In accomplishing this task, a steel brush can do the job done. Take out the fiberglass mat and cut out a small portion that is enough to cover the hole at the fiberglass boat floors.

6. When fixing curved sections of the boat floors, create a shape that closely resembles the curve and overlay it with Bondo, thus replicating the curve. Use sandpaper to smooth out the edges of the Bondo. Place a sheet of fiberglass over the Bondo and add epoxy until arriving at the desired shape. One again, use a sandpaper to smooth out the shape of the fiberglass.

7. After repairing the underside of the fiberglass boat floors, it is now time to clean the exposed side of the boat. Once again, cut out some fiberglass enough to cover the damage, and then use epoxy to cover it. For a finer and finished look, do not forget to remove wrinkles or bubbles from the area.

8. After all the repairs, it is now time to go on with the sanding of the rough edges of the repaired portions of the fiberglass boat floors. Aside from getting a clean look, doing this can prepare the floor for some really good painting. In the end, paint the repaired fiberglass boat floors for a newer and fresher look.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1390365

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