Boat Care Tips – How to Make Your Prized Possession Stand The Test of Time

The boat is a costly investment that is exposed to the elements all season long. This is why it is important to ensure that it gets the right care and maintenance it deserves. The following are just some of the boat care tips to keep your prized possession at its best through the years:

Clean Your Boat

The simplest way to keep your boat in excellent condition is actually the most essential. Salt water and marine scum will damage its finish and could easily boost fuel consumption by up to 30 percent. This is why it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis by using a marine grade soap and a long bristle medium stiffness brush to protect the finish.

Check the Propeller

A propeller in great working condition is essential to your boat’s overall performance. Propeller blades have to be removed a number of times throughout the season to ensure that the discarded fishing line has not become tangled around the propeller shaft. In the event that fishing line has been caught, call a local dealer to inspect the gear case for leaks.

Wash and Wax

Irrespective of whether your boat has Awlgrip or Gelcoat, it is crucial to wash and wax it on a regular basis. Of course, you need the help of a marine yacht services provider when it comes to this as it is not supposed to be a DIY job. Ensure also that a proper fender is used to keep the boar way from the dock to prevent scratches.

Care for the Teak

The teak is one of the parts of the yacht that needs a high level of attention. Did you know that a well-pampered teak can do wonders to your prized possession? When it comes to teak restoration, it is essential to reduce the chemical amount used on the teak because too much chemical will wear it out sooner or later.

After a cruise, you can wash it with soap and water. As per your liking and in keeping up with regular maintenance, you can also utilize varnish or natural oil on the teak to bring out its shine and luster. Another tip is to keep your shoes off the teak as they are predisposed to storing gravel, which if gets in the teak, will definitely do some damage.

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