How to Keep a Boat in Excellent Condition

Whatever mode of transportation you might have, whether for sea transport or ground travel, it needs regular maintenance and prompt repairs to stay functional and efficient at all times. If you are a yacht or boat owner, you need to take good care of it as you would do for your car. It just takes little effort to extract great performance and efficiency from the craft.

Below are basic care activities that must be performed on a boat to keep it in perfect condition:

  • Yearly Dubai yacht maintenance service – Experts say that a new boat should be serviced between the first 20-30 hours of use. Right after that, the vessel must undergo regular servicing and preventive maintenance checkup on a yearly basis. This will normally include changing the oil, filter transmission & stern drive fluids; adjusting engine timing; checking engine alignment; and a general inspection of all the systems. Yachts are used often during the spring and summer months, so you are more likely to get quicker and better services if you book the maintenance during the fall and winter months.
  • Regular washing – The boat must be washed thoroughly with fresh water after every cruise. Using the best fiberglass boat cleaner, your prized possession will not just look good, but will also be more fuel-efficient.
  • Water damage protection – Given that the yacht is used in the water, it must be fully protected against water damage. By entrusting the job to a qualified boat technician, you can rest assured that the water is not lodged in and accumulated in any part such as traps under the sinks, strainers, sea cocks, holding tanks, etc.
  • Repainting – Being exposed to the elements, the paint of the boat bears the brunt of everything. Bring back the beauty and luxury of your prized possession by availing a reliable and thorough boat refurbishing service.
  • Prompt attention to repairs – Huge problems start from small defects. Hence, during the onset of an issue, it must be attended to immediately. Take note that timely marine maintenance services will save you from recurrent and costly repairs in the future.

To have a fun and glitch-free voyage in the water specially this summer, trust only a professional yacht maintenance service provider. In doing so, you can rest assured that all your yacht’s repair and maintenance needs are met in a timely fashion.

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