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Ways to Properly Maintain the Teak Deck

Teak decks are not only designed to enhance the overall performance of the yacht, but also to provide other amazing benefits.

Given that teak wood is rough, it is anti-slip under all weather conditions. Also, it offers a great insulating effect on the yacht interior as well as keeps the temperature of the deck fairly cool in hot temperatures. This is why proper yacht restoration as well as boat repair and maintenance must be observed.

Teak wood is made up of soft and hard wood elements and whilst teak is extremely resilient, it is so easy to drag out the soft wood elements leaving hard wood ridges. If cared for properly, a teak deck will wear naturally and shouldn’t need over hauling for between 10-15 years.

Experts advise washing it regularly with fresh or salt water using a soft brush. It is also recommended to use a specialist teak deck cleaner once or twice a year.

By availing the boat repair services of your chosen yacht maintenance company, you can rest assured that everything is done properly. Professionals will never use high-pressure cleaners as they will blast out the soft wood elements of the teak.

Want to bring back the beauty and shine of your deck? Avail a reliable and professional teak decks maintenance service today!


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