Yacht Restoration

Ways to Protect Your Boat’s Teak and Gelcoat

Two of the boat parts that require most attention and maintenance are the teak and gelcoat. In this article, you will discover how to keep them looking great all season long.


Teakwood is a distinctive wood due to its natural oil and wax content. This is why it holds up well in an outdoor environment. However, when it gets old, it turns into a gray color due to the waxes and oils in the wood drying out, and the cellulose that is left behind reacting with oxygen in the air turns gray in color.

To restore the teak to its natural color, the yacht restoration company of your choice will lightly scrub it with high grit sandaper and special detergents such as dish detergent and ammonia. They will also apply a high quality varnish to significantly extend the beauty and longevity of the wood and prevent it from accumulating dirt and spills as well as absorbing environmental pollutants and moisture.


Gelcoat is the exterior finish on a fiberglass boat. It is a porous blend of polyester resins and pigments that should be sealed from the damaging effects of UV rays, dirt, salt and weather. If neglected, it becomes more porous because of the oxidation of the mixture resins and what remains is a faded and dull finish.

To protect the gelcoat, the boat repair and maintenance service provider of your choice will apply a wax coat to remove oxidation and restore the finish to a glistening shine.

Entrust your fiberglass boat repair and maintenance needs only to a reputable boat technician or professional. Find one in Dubai now!


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