How To Properly Maintain Your Boat And Boating Accessories

Important Of Maintaining Boating Accessories

Proper maintenance and care of your boat is important to keep your boat looking new. Apart from just external appearance, proper maintenance would also ensure you increase the duration of use of your boat and its accessories onboard. By engaging in regular cleaning you would be able to reduce the amount of large repairs and replacements which could accumulate over time. Therefore to make owning a boat an enjoyable experience, it is better to apply the proper maintenance steps.

Different Components Of Boats Requiring Maintenance

Sometimes boat owners may see this as quite a challenge as there are so many different components made up of different materials on a boat. But after careful analysis you would be able to separate the various components of the boat which require attention and treat them accordingly. Specific areas which require attention would be the upholstery, canvas and lean posts. The following gives you a clear picture of basic cleaning techniques which should be applied.

Marine upholstery

This is a very sensitive component of the boat which is exposed to much harsh conditions. Therefore they need to be cleaned several times in a season. It is also critical to choose the proper cleaning technique according to the material it is made of. The most common material used for marine upholstery is vinyl. It has gained much popularity due to its tough and durable nature. The best way to clean it is suing a sponge and mild soapy solution. This should be followed by thorough rinsing. Strong cleaners containing bleach and ammonia should be avoided at all times.

Lean posts

Leaning posts can be found commonly in boats with an open center console. As in the case of boat seats, leaning posts are also exposed to harsh weather conditions, especially UV which quickly destroys the surfaces. You could use marine-grade leaning post covers which are relatively inexpensive when you consider the cost which could be incurred due to damage. Most of these covers come with special treatments imparting waterproof, UV-proof, and heat reflective properties. These make cleaning much simple and requires to be air dried from time to time.

Canvas – these are included widely around the boat including bimini tops, sail covers, line and gear pockets etc. They should not be washed in in a regular household washer and dryer as is make cause destruction of the fabric structure. Instead use fresh water and mild soap and scrub with a light brush to remove dirt, salt and other debris.

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