Why Gelcoat Maintenance is Better Left to Professionals

The key to a luxurious and brand new-looking boat is gelcoat maintenance. Not only does it make your prized possession clean but also help it stand the test of time. Hence, in the event that the gelcoat finish on your fiberglass boat becomes dull, it needs to undergo cleaning and waxing.

Cleaning the boat after every use will help wash out contaminants like salt water, which leaves oxidation stains on the hull. It must also be done at the beginning of the boating season as leaving your yacht at the dock will predispose it to the accumulation of dirt, dust and soot. This is so, even if you left your vessel covered for months.

After cleaning, the boat must be waxed to protect the gelcoat from being penetrated with lime scale, soot and grime. The same thing must be done before leaving it docked for a long time.

There are a number of fiberglass boat cleaners in the market such as marine compounds, marine detergents and marine grade wax. By simply choosing high quality products, you will be satisfied with the results when you do the cleaning and waxing yourself. However, nothing beats entrusting the job to boating professionals as they know what to do and how to do it properly. Moreover, they know the secret on how to make your yacht stand the test of time and of the elements.

Boat valeting companies apply a compound on the gelcoat to condition it on fiberglass boats. This compound is designed to form a barrier between the water and the microscopic pores of the gelcoat, thus letting the wax do a better job at making the vessel’s surface clean and shiny.

After rubbing the compound on the fiberglass surface, it may either be rinsed off or let dry completely—depending on the instructions—before a marine grade wax is applied. The last step is buffing the surface with an electric power buffer.

If you intend to leave your yacht for some time at the dock, it must be covered until you want to take the boat out as the cover will protect the exposed areas of your prized possession and keep your interiors cleaner. It will also prevent sunlight from getting in, which makes the furnishings as well as the vinyl and leather seats inside the boat fade.

Whether your yacht needs cleaning, waxing, fiberglass boat repair, or fiberglass boat paint, only professionals can work wonders on it. Avail the reliable and quality services offered by SEMSEM International today, and call 04 321 012!


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