What You Need to Know About Predictive Yacht Maintenance

Given that a modern luxury yacht is a complicated machine, equipped with systems that almost equal those of jet aircraft, several pioneering marine engineers are taking the typical “preventive maintenance” to new heights, with a concept called “yachtyac”.

Preventive vs Predictive

Preventive maintenance is designed to prevent a severe system break down, or extend the life of essential systems such as the engines, by following the manufacturer’s guidelines for oil and oil filter changes, etc.

Meanwhile, predictive maintenance actually goes beyond the recommended routine preventive measures, by taking a more proactive approach to schedule “corrective maintenance” on fuel, HVAC, engines and other systems, to prevent down time and more expensive repairs, if an important part malfunctions. The whole idea of this kind of maintenance is to keep track of critical systems for wear, tear and age, as well as do away with unplanned failures, by evaluating the signs of possible problems while the equipment is still working normally.

One of the examples of predictive maintenance would be the replacement of an aging water pump prior to an extended cruise, even if it is functioning well to prevent a failure. Also called “condition maintenance”, it is designed to keep track of the condition of essential parts and equipment for any signs of possible failure.

Thanks to this new maintenance concept, cruising will always be fun, safe and stress-free.  Hence, it needs to be at the top of your priority as a boat owner. Not only does it create happy moments on the water but also ensure that your prized possession will stand the test of time.

To be able to ensure that all parts of your yacht are working perfectly and are in excellent working condition, trust only experts. Leveraging their skills, experience and state-of-the-art tools and equipment, they perform not only preventive and predictive maintenance but also a number of boat repair services, including boat repair and maintenance, yacht refurbishment, and yacht engine repair.

At SEMSEM International, we ensure that our complete line of high quality and reliable yacht services will provide you with peace of mind and satisfaction. Taking pride in our team of knowledgeable professionals, we don’t only restore, repair and refurbish yachts and boats but also prevent costly and recurrent repairs by conducting preventive and predictive maintenance services.

Give your prized possession the kind of care and protection it deserves. Call us today at 04 321 012 to book your yacht for a service!


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