Yacht Maintenance & Cleaning Dubai – upto 30% Discount

Whether you are cruising in the morning when the sky is painted blue, in the afternoon when the crimson horizon evokes a spirit of peace or in the evening with the beautiful sight of starry skies and night waters, your yacht should have a luxurious look and feel inside and out. Here at SemSem, we care much about your comfort, fun and relaxation. This is why we offer excellent yacht polishing and cleaning services that will turn your prized possession into a cozy haven on the water.

Make your boat your home away from home and cruise with confidence. Avail our competitively priced yacht maintenance services and book your yacht for a service today!

Yacht Cleaning Services Dubai – UAE:

Give your yacht the luxury look and feel it deserves with our deep cleaning service, inside and out. Our service covers washdowns, interior cleaning including carpet and upholstery cleaning, detailing, and hull cleaning.



Yacht Polishing Services Dubai UAE: 

Restore the luster and shine on your yacht’s surface with our high quality polishing service. Leveraging our experience, team of experts and special grade of high quality materials, we keep handrails and hull superstructure in their perfect condition.


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