Types of Yachts

A yacht has been referred to as “a hole in the water into which you pour money.” And financier J.P. Morgan responded to someone who asked how much a yacht costs to maintain with, “You have no right to own a yacht if you ask that question.” A yacht may be accurately described as a very large motor or sailboat, used for personal cruising, racing or general recreational activity — so, money. Middle-class boaters make up the vast majority of recreational yachting aficionados; the stratospheric heights of yachting are another story.

Types of Yachts

Yachts are generally defined as monohulls — boats with a single hull. With a few notable exceptions, the category does not include catamarans or trimarans, which may be large and luxurious but have multiple pontoons. There are motor yachts solely powered by engines, and sailing yachts powered by the wind or diesel engines. Sailing yachts may be further divided into cruising, or recreational, yachts and racing yachts. Cruising yachts have live-aboard amenities such as full heads; berths; cook’s galleys; large cockpits for relaxing as well as steering the boat; storage for limited clothes, media and lots of boat gear; and other niceties. Racing yachts are stripped down for light weight and more speed and may have nearly bare cabins with essential gear and safety equipment, to be used by crews of a dozen or more sailors, each detailed to a specific task during the race.

Source: https://goo.gl/QceTGR

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