Tips and Procedures to Follow When Boat Detailing

Oftentimes, car detailers are asked to clean yachts and detail yacht trailers. The good news is that there is a simple yet efficient way to do this without much effort.

Washing and Waxing Trailers

One of the most commonly required boat cleaning services is washing and waxing boat trailers. What makes the latter highly in demand is that a heavily waxed trailer is known to be more rust-resistant even when utilized in salt water. In eliminating rust, brush on two coats of Ospho Acid, which is offered in marine supply shops and paint stores. This effectively changes the chemistry of rusting steel from an active to a passive state and prevents rust cold.

Washing Lines, Fenders and Shore Power Cords

When it comes to washing lines, a majority of manufacturers recommend putting them in a net bag and throwing them in a washing machine. You don’t have anything to worry about using a cleaner or degreaser as it will not eliminate the finish on the lines. The same goes when washing fenders, but it needs to be wiped with a protective spray afterwards. Meanwhile, cleaning shore power cables is not something that anyone does as they are grimy and greasy from creosote tar and docks. Given the complicated procedure this process entails, it is something that only yacht maintenance Dubai professionals do.

One interesting trick in successfully cleaning them is using acetone. This chemical slowly melts and softens the outer shell of the cords so one really has to be extra careful not to over saturate the cord and towel. Changing the towels will also make your work faster. Then, dress them with a protectant. Stowed hoses are also susceptible to grease and mildew from lack of use or because of climate and other conditions. When it comes to the shore power cables, follow the same procedures.

These are just some of the simple yacht cleaning and boat detailing tips that you can follow to make your prized possession look its best through the years. However, it takes the expertise of a boat detailing services provider to ensure a job well done.

SEMSEM International is one of the most reliable and trustworthy boat cleaning and yacht painting service providers. What sets us apart from the competition is our high-caliber services offered at competitive boat cleaning services prices.

Experience a comfortable and relaxing cruise today by entrusting all your boat maintenance needs to us!

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