5 Cool Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Boaters

You haven’t yet finished shopping for the holidays? As the great present unwrapping draws close, these 10 cool last-minute holiday gifts could save the day for you and your boating loved ones.

If you don’t have all your holiday ducks in line, you’d better act quickly—and we’re here to help. Since you’re on the pages of boats.com we have to guess that you or your loved one loves boats, which means you need a gift of a nautical nature. Never fear, one of these 10 cool items is sure to fit the bill.



What boater wouldn’t be bedazzled by unwrapping a waterproof night-vision monocular? The FLIR infra-red Ocean Scout TK features an internal Li-ion battery, the ability to capture images and video and transfer them via USB, and lets you see channel markers, mooring balls, other boats, and virtually anything else on the water in complete darkness. In the past night vision gear may have seemed like an exorbitant expense, but thanks to falling tech prices you can buy the Ocean Scout TK for a mere $599. You say money is no object? Then consider night vision monocular models with a bit more potency, like the Ocean Scout 320. Visit FLIR for more information.


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If you need a gift for a sailboat owner who hates doing wiring, this little gadget could be just what Santa ordered. The Garmin gWind Wireless 2 Transducer provides real-time wind speed and direction data, yet needs no power cord thanks to an integrated solar panel with a back-up battery. Nor does it need a data cord, because transmissions are sent via wireless ANT connection to GNX wind instruments or compatible Garmin GPSMAP 7400, 7600, 8400, or 8600 chartplotters. The price is $699. For more information, visit Garmin.


Yacht Maintenance

You say you’re shopping for a seagoing sweetie who likes to boat in all kinds of weather? Then help her keep toasty and warm, by getting her a pair of Grundens Ladies Maris Leggings. This insulating layer is made from 200 gram poly fleece with flatlock stitching and four-way stretch fabric. It’s breathable, and has a moisture-wicking interior. The Ladies Maris Leggings will run you about $45, which is a small price to pay to keep that someone special warm and happy. For more information, visit Grundens.


Yacht Maintenance

Kayakers, canoers, and SUP lovers would be thrilled to get a gift like a Kayak Kaddy. This nifty invention lets you bring along extra gear, as you tow the 42” x 22” waterproof roto-molded polyethylene accessory pod behind your self-propelled watercraft. It weighs a mere 11 lbs, has a 35 liter interior volume, and even has its own deck bungee attached. You can also get a RAM mounting system that allows you to securely attach the Kayak Kaddy to your boat. Price is $199. For more information, visit Kayak Kaddy.


Yacht Maintenenace

Snorkling is great fun, but the traditional mask and snorkel aren’t exactly comfortable. Enter, the Aria full-face Face Mask. Anyone who loves looking at the life beneath the water’s surface will enjoy this gift, which fits around your entire face. That means you can breathe through your nose as well as your mouth, there’s no jaw discomfort, fogging issues are eliminated, and with the snorkel at the top you don’t have to worry about it coming out of alignment and dipping below the surface. Price is $110. For more information, visit Ocean Reef.

Source: http://www.boats.com/on-the-water/10-cool-last-minute-holiday-gifts-for-boaters/

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